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Disability pension decisions in 2017

Rejection rate of disability pension applications 2017

Around 30 per cent of the total number (21,800) of new disability pension applications within the earnings-related pension system in 2017 were rejected. Most disability pension applications were based either on diseases of the musculoskeletal system and connective tissues (7,600) or mental problems (6,400). In both these disease categories, one third of the applications were rejected. Applications for a disability pension based on neoplasms (1,500) had the lowest rejection rate, only 6 per cent.

Average total processing times for earnings-related pension applications in 2017

Rejection rate of disability pension applications 2017

In 2017, it took pension providers an average of 62 days to process an application for a disability pension. The processing time was 36 days for old-age pensions and 23 days for survivors’ pensions. The partial old-age pension was introduced in 2017. The average processing time for applications for such a pension was 13 days. On average, the processing time of pension applications was shorter at public sector pension providers than at private sector pension providers.

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