At regular intervals and using our long-term projection (LTP) and microsimulation (ELSI) models, we have produced data on pension expenditure and contributions and on the future development of pension benefits.  

Under this research programme, we will use the models to produce baseline projections and various alternative projections of, for example, the effects on expenditure and contributions due to the return on pension assets and demographic development.  

In addition to the regularly conducted long-term projections, we will assess the effect of suggested amendments to the pension system. We will improve our capacity to analyse the connection between pensions and overall social security and public finances.  

Many of the challenges relating to pension financing are global. During the research programme period, we will conduct international comparisons of issues that are central to the financing of pensions, such as the development of pension assets and investment returns. We will also produce data on automatic stabilisers as one means to strengthen the financial sustainability of pension systems.  

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