As a statutory co-operation body, we operate in support of a durable, reliable, fair and efficiently organized pension provision.

Pension expertise at your service

Clients utilizing our expertise include pension providers in the private and public sectors, the Social Insurance Institution, the authorities, decision-makers, researchers, educational institutions, the media, as well as the insured and policyholders.

We are also an international liaison body; we forward pension applications filed in Finland to pension providers abroad and respond to various pension queries. Our research is highly valued, and we are a research institution accredited by the EU.

Our objectives, administration and funding are defined by the Act on the Finnish Centre for Pensions,  a Council of State regulation on our operations and the working order approved by our Board. We are a private employer, that is, our employments are determined as in the private sector.

Risk management is part of the profit planning and strategic and operative governance at the Finnish Centre for Pensions. It is part of our daily decision-making, monitoring of our operations and internal supervision.

The primary goal of our risk management is to identify and manage the risk factors that relate to our key operations so that we can reach our strategic and operative goals.

We govern our risk management with the help of regulations, instructions and recommendations. The key regulations that govern our risk management are the Act on the Finnish Centre for Pensions, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) of the EU, the Data Protection Act, the Act on the Openness of Government Activities and the Act on the Protection of Privacy in Working Life.

The Finnish Centre for Pensions is also subject to the statutory preparedness obligation. According to the preparedness obligation, we must ensure that our tasks can be carried out as undisturbedly as possible by drafting continuity and emergency plans and by other ex ante measures.

Earnings-related pensions play a central role as ensurers of citizens’ wellbeing and financial security. We operate in support of a durable, reliable, fair and efficiently organised pension provision.

As an information centre for the earnings-related pension providers, and in spite of the fact that the scheme is decentralized and several pension providers handle the matters of the insured, we monitor that the insured are treated uniformly.

Our objective is to maintain trust in the earnings-related pension scheme, which constitutes a central part of our welfare and stable economy.


Our business idea

We are a statutory developer, expert and joint service producer of earnings-related pensions.

Our vision

Pension expertise at your service

  • We support the realisation of the vision for earnings-related pensions.
  • We are a known and trusted expert on the content and implementation of earnings-related pensions.
  • We are a partner to decision makers, the earnings-related pension field, the media and other parties. They turn to us when they need to solve issues relating to earnings-related pensions.

Vision of earnings-related pensions

The earnings-related pension system is a central part of our welfare society. People trust in it. It is financially sustainable, promotes a stable economy and is efficiently enforced.

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