Areas of research  

  • Pensioners’ income, pension adequacy  
  • Gender gap in pensions  
  • Citizens’ perceptions of and trust in pensions  


I am the Head of Research at the Finnish Centre for Pensions and in charge of our research in support of the evaluation and development of earnings-related pensions in Finland. Recently, my research has focused on the livelihood of retirees and the gender gap in pensions. I have a Ph.D. in social politics (2004). My areas of interest are pension and social security systems, as well as research on the income and welfare of the population. I am active and will participate in, among other things, the social security reform committee during the period 2020–2027. 

Ongoing research projects  

  • Views on pensions
  • Pension Barometer
  • Livelihood and economic well-being of retirees 2020
  • Inequalities in Pensions and Retirement: Life-courses and Pension Systems in Comparative Perspective

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