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The pension calculator has been supplemented with statistical data on accrued pensions. The table shows the median pension accrued so far for each birth year group.

You can use the data in the table in the calculator if, for example, you don’t know how much pension you have accrued so far. By using the data on accrued pensions you can also calculate pensions in example cases for people of different ages. For more detailed information on your own accrued pension, check your pension record by logging into the pension record service via your own pension provider’s website or 

The median pension shows that half of each age group has accrued a higher and half a lower pension than the figure shown in the table for the age group in question. The accrued median pension is presented separately for men, women and the combined total. 

The table shows the median pensions accrued by the end of 2019. The accrued pensions have been adjusted with the wage coefficient to the 2020 level and multiplied with the life expectancy coefficient for each birth year.

The statistics on accrued pensions are based on register data of the Finnish Centre for Pensions.

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